Saturday, July 01, 2006

DONATE to the Jason Frye Memorial Fund

If you are unable to attend The Jason Frye Memorial Country Dance on July 9th but would like to donate to our cause...

Please send donations to:
The Jason Frye Memorial Fund
C/O The Frye Family
681 Sheaffers Valley RD
Landisburg PA 17040

All of the funds we raise will be placed into this memorial fund for Jason. We plan to use the money to support our troops - in every military branch - in the form of personalized care packages. There will also be a scholarship established in Jason's name at our high school. In the coming year his family and friends will begin construction of a large memorial building to serve as a community center in our hometown, where we will host future country line dances and fun family events. Jason himself knew almost every soul in our area... he cared very deeply even for strangers and knew the general life story of most people around him. And they knew him too, which is why our families and friends have experienced such support since he was killed in October 2005.

In honor of Jason... in honor of anyone you love who has served, is serving, or will serve in the United States military... please contribute to this great effort. Most importantly, please pray for men and women who sacrifice all their Sunday mornings with families, all the little league baseball games, all the evening meals with their spouse and children. Consider the lonely Christmas for the Mom with a son on his 3rd tour in Iraq. Imagine the war widow who will never again drive to the grocery store with her husband, a man whom she shared breathing space with only a few weeks out of an entire year, but a man whom she desperately loved every second she took breath.

People in the military are real people with real hopes and real dreams. They are your cousins... high school prom king... local mechanic and college roommate.
Please PRAY for their safety - for their knowledge of Christ.
And pray for all their beloveds, who are left to carry on.



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